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Are you a lady in her mid thirty who has been struggling with allergies? Have you been worried about auto-immune diseases? Struggling with allergies and concerned about auto-immune diseases?We are here to help you explore effective management strategies and expert advice.

You might ask how Auto-immune and Allergy are related. when we compare allergies with auto immune diseases, we can see with allergies, the immune system reacts to harmless substances or allergens, which leads to the activation of immune cells. Similarly, in autoimmune diseases, immune cells may recognize self-tissues as foreign and mount an immune response, resulting in tissue damage and inflammation.

Autoimmune diseases : your body’s immune system [ antibodies] attacks your own cells. Attacked  organs could be Joints that we call it rheumatoid arthritis.  If it is skin, we call it lupus. ALso, MS is when your body immune system attacks nerve. As well,  psoriasis( white patches on skin is related to autoimmune skin diseases. Struggling with autoimmune means there is high inflammation inside  the body and we need to reduce inflammation . Consider chronic emotional stress( chronic sadness) , mental health and hypothyroidism ( neurological endocrine hormone).

Scientific research shows that there is a link between allergic and autoimmune diseases in mouse study. In fact, scientists at the National Institutes of Health, and their colleagues, have discovered that a gene called BACH2 may play a central role in the development of diverse allergic and autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and type-1 diabetes. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks normal cells and tissues in the body that are generally recognized as “self” and do not normally trigger immune responses. Autoimmunity can occur in infectious diseases and cancer.

Food choice and lifestyle
Food choice and lifestyle matters in the natural healing practice.

Question is here; Why are autoimmune and allergic diseases increasing?

One of the reasons could be our current environment. It is vastly different.

One dominant idea in the field is called the hygiene hypothesis. People noticed that issues with our immune systems started increasing when we improved sanitation. In particular, some studies show that people who grow up on farms or live in rural areas are less likely to have allergies or autoimmune diseases than people who live in urban areas. Why? Is it related to lifestyle?


We’re cleaner now days, but we’ve also added a lot of chemicals and pollution into the environment since the 1950s. The world is very different. For example, we industrialized food, and the chemicals we add to processed foods may be dangerous. The immune system could be recognizing that danger and remembering the processed food as a proxy for this harmful thing.

We’re also staying awake longer than we used to and worrying more.  We need to focus on the effects of psychological stress on immune function. A lot of this was inspired by what patients tell us. For example, they have a stressful life experience—a car accident, bankruptcy, or death in the family—and then their disease flares. Some lab research has validated few patients’ experiences by showing that stress can activate the immune system.

Neglection is a big problem this days. Unfortunately, we neglect, postpone or suppress the symptoms of allergies in the first stages instead of discovering its roots. Once allergies turn to be a chronic health condition, it becomes much harder to treat. For that reason, auto-immune diseases gradually arise and we wonder why we have pain in joint, skin issues and nerve problems. The sooner we pay attention to allergy and auto -immune condition, the better we can prevent cancer.

According to AHN,People who have environmental or food allergies may have a higher risk of developing autoimmune disease. At the Natural Health and Yoga LLc, we offer specialized care for people with allergies and many other autoimmune diseases prevention.

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What to do what are the best solutions to discover the root causes of allergies at the source and prevent auto -immune diseases before showing up? Try Holistic health solutions that are all inclusive natural health solution to resolve roots of allergy and auto-immune diseases.

Our board-certified Natural health specialist has received extra experience in working with different cases of pollen and food  allergies. She works with you to help you prevent allergies and autoimmune diseases , including:

  • Food allergies: When something you eat, such as dairy products, triggers an immune system response
  • Environmental allergies: When tiny substances in the air trigger inflammation and other symptoms
  • Eczema: Red, sometimes scaly skin patches
  • Asthma: Airway inflammation that can make it hard for you to breathe
  • Sinusitis: Inflamed sinuses, near your forehead and cheeks

We work together to provide comprehensive testing that are non-harming without any injection to guide you in the natural health journey to heal these conditions.

Often, avoiding an allergen (the source of your symptoms) is not the real solution. We also offer practical real solution to resolve the root causes of allergies and auto immune diseases. therefore, you will not suffer the side effects of symptom suppressing medications.  We have helped many people outgrow certain environmental and food allergies.

If we think you have an autoimmune disease in addition to an allergy, our Dr. of Traditional Naturopathy  closely collaborate to use the symptoms as warning sign for future health issues. Then, she provides the best all natural healing solutions for your special circumstances.

Once we’ve discover what internal organs are involved via iridology test, we will sit down with you to explain everything you need to know about the condition. We’ll also partner with you throughout your life journey to track any changes in your health and improve your quality of life.

Here is a new approach to allergies and autoimmune disease care: Why choose holistic health as your health care choice:

  • you don’t have to suffer chronic pain and inflammation 
  •  Don’t suffer side effects of drugs 
  • Don’t suffer hospitalization
  • Enjoy longevity
  • When you are healthier you can have a better quality life for yourself and family 
  • Have a positive impact on the world and those who are surrounding you 
  • Be more productive 
  • Create a better world for yourself and others 

Dr. shari can help you with Irdiology by taking a look at your eyes. Here are some of the benefits of Iridiology: Iridology reveals many signs such as :

  • Inherently weak organs, glands, and tissues,
  • What organs are at the greatest need of repair and rebuilding
  • Relative amount of toxic settlements in organs, glands, and tissues
  • Stages of tissue inflammation and and activity
  • Where inflammation is located in your body nervous condition of sluggishness of the bowel
  • High -risk areas in the body that may be leading to diseases
  • Nerve force or nerve depletion
  • Hyperactivity or hypoactivity of the organs , gland, and tissues, lymphatic system congestion,

Try our unique holistic health solutions for allergies and auto-immune diseases with expert advice and effective strategies. Find relief and live a healthier life. At last, explore expert advice and effective strategies for managing allergies and auto-immune diseases. Live a healthier, allergy-free life. Finally, you will Find relief from allergies and auto-immune diseases with expert advice and effective management strategies. Improve your quality of life.

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Let’s  choose the rewarding natural health journey. 


Kind Regards,

Dr. shari

Dr. of Traditional Naturopathy

Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Certified Yoga Therapist ( 1000 HR)

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