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Natural Health and Yoga LLc.

Fields of Dr. Shari’s Expertise

Iridiology or Iris eye reading reveals inherent weak organs, what organs are in greatest need of repair, where inflammation is located, High risk tissue areas in your body. Dr. Shari guides you to the solutions to avoid illness progression. 
Our goal is degenerative diseases prevention

Quantum Health Science is an excellent non-harming method to evaluate what toxins are accumulated in your body. we can discover what vitamins you might need to help your body repair itself. Detoxing and vitamin supplements both together complete each other. Maintain your health and revitalize it with Quantum health evaluation.
Nutrition assessment is a whole health questioner to discover more details about your diet, what you eat. Dr. Shari finds out what you need to change to get you to your ultimate results of health and happiness over the years to come.
This package includes Iridiology, , Toxins and vitamin assessment, and Nutrition assessment. This all inclusive package leads us to the life changing results.
ozone therapy is method of increasing oxygen circulation to each cell of the body. More oxygen and nutrients to the cells will lead to repair and regeneration.

Energy Balance, Yoga & Meditation

Chakra Balancing yoga brings balance to the centers of energies that are located on the spine and nervous system. Balanced chakras lead to emotional health and helps to release anger, fear, resentment and replace it with peace, courage, love and happiness.
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