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Doctor Shahrzad Nasrabadi is the founder of natural health and yoga.
Shahrzad  Nasrabadi does by the name of Dr. Shari has been in the health care profession world since 1999.

Back in 1999, She got her bachelor’s degree in public health and worked in Healthcare Management for two years in Iran University. Shahrzad’s passion for following the Health care, disease prevention, and yoga took her to start a Research Study Project about “Effects of Yoga on Mental Health” at Tehran University Medical center. This study took about two years and finally, her study results were published in the NIH( Nationa Institute of Health) Journal the United States of America.

After marriage and migrating to East Coast, She continued her study of yoga philosophy and got certified as an IYT 200 in 2004. Her passion for following yoga and his husband’s support guided her to continue the yoga path in the USA and become a certified Yoga therapist in 2007.

Shari’s passion for healing people leads her to study more !!!!  She started her study of natural health and it took her seven years of great effort.  Shari’s doctoral thesis was about” CANCER PREVENTION”, How to prevent cancer at the source?”. Her book is published in 126 pages and can be found in www.amazon.com

Then, Shari was graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy in 2015 from New Eden School of Natural Health. Shari, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy,  has enough knowledge and a healthcare background. She is qualified to guide her clients with natural health consultations and teach disease prevention. You can learn not only yoga from Shari but also learn about nutrition, lifestyle and chronic disease prevention.

Finally, Shari is a certified holistic health consultant from the American Council of Holistic Health( ACHM). She has studied many holistic health modalities, and she loves helping clients to achieve better health with fewer prescription drugs and chemical treatments.

As a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, I guide my clients to restore their health and maintain their happiness! I believe we have to help the body to apply its healing power of nature and I as a doctor facilitate the healing process. I will assist my clients to discover the underlying causes of their illness. We do not suppress the symptoms with drugs!  I suggest integrative natural medicine to every illness. we can avoid long-term suffering with a natural health consultation.

My work procedure starts with a holistic health evaluation( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health). Actually, I identify the underlying root causes of your health issues that could be an emotional imbalance. According to the client’s individualized evaluation, I will guide her/ his on what to change to obtain better health. Restore health and happiness, heal internal and external bodies all in a natural holistic way.

Here is the recorded version of my Radio Show at MINDBODYRADIO(October 2019)


Why are you passionate about this line of work?

Healing and helping my clients to heal themselves in a natural way has been my passion.

As a naturopathic doctor who follows the principles of naturopathic medicine, I believe in the healing power of nature. ​I apply non-invasive, chemical-free tests and tools such as Iridology, Quantum whole health evaluation, Nutrition Assessment, Reflexology, Mind-body assessment. After the whole health evaluation is done, I as a holistic health doctor consider all aspects of your health and whole person( not only the physical body).  After finding the cause of diseases, risk factors, and the client’s circumstance,   I will educate my client on her/ his specialized holistic healing procedure. The natural healing journey is not only the physical body healing but also emotional and spiritual healing are included.

In fact, my role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to educate and encourage my clients to take responsibility for their own health. our ultimate goal is the prevention of diseases. This is accomplished through education and the promotion of life habits that create good health. Appropriate intervention is considered to avoid further harm or risk to the client. Finally, building health works better and more surely than fighting disease.   The best results will be achieved with the client’s patience and practice.​

Yoga with shari
Yoga with shari

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