A Chronic Headache & Remedies Story

Headaches and Natural Remedies Story

Are you struggling with headaches for more than a few months? Are you tired of mainstream treatments that have been unsuccessful? Would you be interested in natural solutions that are effective? Here is a story of a client who just reached out to Dr. Shari who is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Yoga Therapist

Here is a story of a client who has been suffering headaches for a while. In August 19, 2023, Mr. OM, a 43-year-old man, reached out to Dr. Shari seeking an Iridology test to determine the underlying causes of his persistent headache. For about a month, Mr. OM had been dealing with earaches and headaches that seemed to have no known origin. Despite consulting multiple doctors, none were able to identify the root causes of his earache, leading to a frustrating cycle of prescribed antibiotics that provided no relief. Growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress, Mr. OM decided to explore further investigations, requesting an MRI and Radiation Scan, but these tests failed to reveal any abnormalities.

Numerous doctors assured him that there was nothing wrong, leaving him feeling perplexed about his ongoing symptoms. Digging deeper into Mr. OM’s medical history, it was discovered that he had only experienced one previous ear infection during his childhood at the age of 11. Additionally, he had suffered from severe flu-like symptoms in December 2019, which were reminiscent of those associated with Covid. During this time, he was hospitalized for three days and experienced symptoms such as back pain, body aches, shaking, cold sweats, anxiety, fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and high blood pressure. However, as Covid was not yet widely known, he was diagnosed with severe influenza type B.

Considering the similarity between Mr. OM’s symptoms and those associated with Covid, it is highly probable that he was one of the first individuals to contract the virus in December 2019. After being discharged from the hospital, he returned in the middle of the night due to feeling extremely ill. On his third visit to the hospital within three days, he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and stayed there for an additional three days. Since then, he continues to struggle with breathing difficulties and a vibrating sensation in his ears.

About a month ago, Mr. OM woke up at 3 AM feeling dizzy and sought medical attention at an urgent care facility. It was then revealed that both of his ears were infected, with the left ear being worse. Presently, he frequently experiences headaches on the left side of his head, particularly when under stress or experiencing tension in his neck. Occasionally, he also encounters dizziness alongside the persistent earache.

Mr. OM actively engages in exercise, primarily focusing on arm workouts while avoiding core exercises. Interestingly, he has noticed that his headaches tend to improve after physical activity. Additionally, he recalls a head injury he sustained at the age of 8 when he fell down a staircase without protective guards. This incident caused him to lose consciousness, and he has no recollection of what occurred afterward. It is worth noting that Mr. OM used to reside in Mexico at the time of the accident.

To uncover the underlying causes of Mr. OM’s chronic headaches and dizziness, Dr. Shari, a Doctor of Naturopathy, performed an iridology test. The results of the Iris Eye Reading pointed towards issues with brain capacity,pituitary gland function, medulla health, nerve disorders, sensorineural issues, balance and dizziness center problems, as well as reflection of emotional life stress. In addition, a Quantum Test indicated that protein malabsorption and past trauma were contributing factors to his painful forehead and headaches. Considering his heart and lung conditions, it is also essential to address his thyroid and parathyroid function.

Finally, one of the main concern that we need to focus on for Mr. OM is food sensitivity. In fact, we need to plan a correct diet to help lower his sensitivity to some kind of foods such as tortillas and corn products.

With these findings in mind, Dr. Shari is determined to provide Mr. OM with appropriate alternative natural health solutions. Some solutions to include Mr. OM’s physical, emotional and mental health to address his various health concerns and alleviate root causes of his symptoms.

Food sensitivity can be one of the root causes of headaches.

For this purpose, Dr. Shari will help you to discover the root causes and give you the best of all natural effective solutions to get rid of chronic health challenges. You don’t have to suppress the symptoms! get rid of the root. Act Now. 

First decide, next take action. Finally, help yourself with natural remedies. Why? Natural remedies are effective with patience and regular practice and have no side effects. Do not postpone! Educate yourself that natural health solutions is one of you best health care options than others. Take action now. Get up and take one step at a time. Dr. Shari is here to support you. in the natural health journey. 

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