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Here is some of our Holistic Health Service:


Are you tired of mainstream treatments? Do  you want to resolve the root causes of your health problems instead of suppressing the symptoms?  Are you interested in learning about your inherent diseases ? What organ of your body is in the greatest need of repair and rebuilding? What are the stages of tissues inflammation and acidity so you can prevent degeneration ASAP? 

Iridiology or Iris eye reading reveals your inherent weak organs. It reveals what organs are in greatest need of repair, where inflammation is located,  What are high risk tissue areas in your body.

 After Iridiolgy test and analysis are done by Dr. Shari, She can guide you how to heal yourself naturally. In case of interest, Dr. shari customizes a unique program for your specific health condition. In fact, the individualized packaged program includes holistic health solutions such as diet and exercise,… to resolve your health problems from roots to the top. We believe you don’t have to suffer, while you can avoid illness with Dr. Shari’s non-harming solutions. Do you want to rejuvenate and create a better version of yourself by applying iridiology. 

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What is Iridiolgy? 
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Are you struggling with constant fatigue, lack of memory? Do you know toxin accumulation in the body can damage the healthy cells of your body and lead to above symptoms? If we do not care about toxin accumulation in our bodies now, it can unfortunately lead to cancer in future. Do you know you can prevent cancer with detoxification? 

We can help you to discover what kind of toxins are accumulated in your body. Actually, different toxins need different methods to detox. No worry! Dr. Shari evaluates what toxins are accumulated in your body and how you can detox with all natural solutions.

This toxin evaluation is done by Quantum Test. In fact, this test measures energy surrounding each cell of your body, tissues and organs. Especially, when there is inflammation goin on in any of your organs, we can meausre it. For instance, quantum evaluation and it’s analysis helps you create a new version of yourself. 

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What vitamin do you need?  Are you struggling with vitamin absorption? Your Nutrition Assessment can be done by answering some questions on a questioner. Do you know vitamin deficiencies leads to malfunction of organs? It is about how your vitamin deficiencies affect your whole system such as digestive system, liver, pancreas, immune system, glands, and circulatory system. 

 Dr. shari evaluates your vitamin needs. We discover more details about your nutrients needs, what vitamins you need the most, and what vitamin and mineral deficiencies are related to the causes of your health problems. After analysis is done, Dr. Shari delivers customized diet, food as medicine, and alternative modalities to you.  She helps you to improve your intake and assimilation to meet your vitamin needs of organs and achieve your ultimate organs healthy function and well-being.

Are you ready to rejuvenate and create a better version of yourself with Dr. shari’s holistic health solutions?

Vitamin Evaluation
Discover what vitamin your body needs the most! Read More

Here are some of our Natural Products that you might like to choose:

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Maintain your health now before it is late. Time is Money! The sooner you seek Natural Health Consultation to maintain and improve your health, the better results you will get.

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Your Health is your best wealth. 

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Let’s Prevent Cancer before it’s late.

                                                                    You might ask HOW we can help you!

Are you struggling with…

  • Heartburn and acid reflux, Bloating within one hour after eating
    * Nausea, car or motion sickness,

  • stomach upset by greasy foods

  • Airborne allergies, sinus congestion, Dairy sensitivity

  •  Stools hard or difficult to pass,

  • Bad Breath or strong body odor

  • Calf or foot cramp,

  • Frequent skin rashes,

  • swelling in joints

  • Crave fatty or greasy foods,

  • Dry flaky skin or dandruff

  • Awaken a few hours after falling asleep, hard to get back to sleep

  • excessive appetite, crave coffee or sugar in the afternoon

  • Muscles become easily fatigued, Ringing in ears

  • Tend to be a “night person”,  slow starter in the morning

  • Memory failing, weight gain around hips or waist

  • Nervous, emotional, can’t work under pressure, in ward trembling

  • Depression during periods( PMS),

  • Crave chocolates,

  • Hormone imbalance
    Variation in menstrual cycles,

  • Itchiness,…
    “Air hunger” or sigh

  • frequently
    Cough at night, shortness of breath with moderate exertion

  • Pain in mid-back region, puffy around eyes

  • Runny or drippy nose, frequent colds or flu

    * Surviving cancer or degenerative diseases in early stages 

    *Leaky Gut Syndrome

Transform your whole health with Dr. Shari’s Natural Health Consultation.

If you have HOPE, PATIENCE, and PERSISTENCE, Dr. Shari leads you through your whole health transformation journey. 
You can create a happier, healthier and more peaceful life for yourself and family. 

Are you looking for a personalized health care to prevent your disease progression?  

Do you know that holistic health care approach is one of the best? 

Do you like healing not only your own physical body but also emotional and mental bod?

 Are you tired of impersonal doctors that fail to give you the time and attention you deserve? 

Are you sick of being in pain and suffering the symptoms of suppressing chemicals? 

Do you like a customized holistic health care to discover the roots of your health problems and give you drug-free solutions for a long healthy life?

 Is it your plan to enjoy a long quality life with your family and friends?

Holistic Health Consultation with Dr. Shari is the solution to all.

Give your body the opportunity to repair itself naturally! 

We understand there are some objections!  you might postpone it to future because you dont have the budget now. Also, you might  suppress the pain with some painkillers that are short term suppression of the symptoms.

A Question is here; Is suppression of symptoms with pain killers the correct solution to resolve root causes of your health issues?

You might ask question! How Dr. Shari’s holistic health service is different than others?  How does it resolve my health issues?

Here are the answers;

Dr. Shari’s solutions are unique because of her vast knowledge and experience of twenty years working in preventive health care system. She share all inclusive preventive solutions to help you body repair itself.

Dr. Shari’s Holistic Health Approach is All inclusive.

It means she considers your physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, their interactions with each other matters a lot. She understands your whole health condition after analyzing your whole health evaluation.

Next,  When your result is ready, she educates you how to take back control of your own health. honestly, her holistic health solutions are ALL NATURAL ( you don’t have to be worry about side effects of chemicals). Dr. Shari tries to minimize the suppression of symptoms while she is  working on removing root causes of your health problems.

  • Dr. Shari’s solutions are All Natural. We try to Stay in harmony with nature.
  • Dr. Shari educates you how to make a uniquely targeted diet and modify your lifestyle to meet your health goals. We believe that natural health care is the future of the health care system because we meet the needs of our clients.
  • Dr. Shari identifies and resolves the root causes of your health challenges. She believes symptoms express your body’s attempt to heal. Remember! symptoms are not the root cause of the health problems.
  • Dr. Shari is a Doctor but she works with you like a teacher. In fact, there is  Cooperation and good relationship to help your body repair itself over time.

Natural Holistic Health Services

Virtual Online or Telehealth

COVID-19 outbreak has affected everybody . We need to take precautions  and prevent virus transmission as much as we can . In regard to meet your need, we offer Telemedicine! We can try Zoom calls. We work together to create better health and happiness.

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Holistic health For whole health transformation
Holistic health For whole health transformation. we help you to create a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise and stress management.
Here are the list of our Holistic Health Care Services: 

Your body is a temple of the divine spirit within you, Respect it. Keep it clean and pure from the soul to reside in.

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Your Health is your Best wealth. Maintain your health to save on your wealth. We are here to make the world a better place to live. We are here to help each other. Let Dr. Shari help you in a natural healing journey.

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Fields of Dr. Shari’s Expertise


Iridiology or Iris eye reading reveals inherent weak organs, what organs are in greatest need of repair, where inflammation is located, High risk tissue areas in your body. Dr. Shari guides you to the solutions to avoid illness progression.

Our goal is degenerative diseases prevention 

Toxins and Vitamin Deficiency

Quantum Health Science is an excellent non-harming method to evaluate what toxins are accumulated in your body. we can discover what vitamins you might need to help your body repair itself. Detoxing and vitamin supplements both together complete each other. Maintain your health and revitalize it with Quantum health evaluation. 

Nutrition Deficiency

Nutrition assessment is a whole health questioner to discover more details about your diet, what you eat. Dr. Shari finds out what you need to change to get you to your ultimate results of health and happiness over the years to come.

Holistic Health Package

This package includes Iridiology, , Toxins and vitamin assessment, and Nutrition assessment. This all inclusive package leads us to the life changing results. 

Ozone Therapy
Or Oxygen

ozone therapy is  method of increasing oxygen circulation to each cell of the body. More oxygen and nutrients to the cells will lead to repair and regeneration. 

Energy Balance, Yoga & Meditation

Chakra Balancing yoga  brings balance to the centers of energies that are located on the spine and nervous system. Balanced chakras lead to emotional health and helps to release anger, fear, resentment and replace it with peace, courage, love and happiness.

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