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Dr. shari helps you to reduce pain and prevent degenerative diseases in a natural Way.

Restore your Health with Natural Health Consutlation.

Holistic health approach is your best choice without any side effects.

Natural health  is your best choice to restore your health or maintain it with traditional yoga and natural health.  Actaully, you will get the quality health care that you are looking for. You have the flexibility to choose from natural healing package options. 

Meet Doctor Shari;

    •  Here is a list of Dr. Shari’s Holistic Health Services. You have option to choose;

    • Iridology: Iris or Eye color reading( Your eyes are windows of your brain and demonstrate internal organ functions. Dt. shari can discover the Root cause of your illness  without any puncture or using even a needle.
    • Diet and Nutrition — Diet assessment, suggestions what to replace, what to use as of specific healing food or spice, high potency vitamins and mineral recommendation , and etc.
    • Botanical Herbal Remedy– Herabl medicine or the use of whole plants and herbs to help your body heal itself.
    • Vitamin and Supplementation Therapy: Dr. shari discovers your vitamin and mineral deficinecy through several tests. She guides you what vitamin deficiency might be the cause of your health issues.
    • Mind-Body Integration –Health is not only the physical body. Your emotion and mind can influence your physical body.  Dr. shari considers the use of mind and balanced emotion to enhance your health (Relaxation, Guided Imaginary, meditation).
    • Integrative systems of Medicine — Integration use of Eastern medicine( holistic health and traditional medicine) in combination with Western medicine( technology and science)
      • Manual Healing Methods — the use of the hands to promote healing (e.g., massage, reflexology, magnet therapy, Acupressure,…)
  • Bioelectromagnetic therapies — the use of electrical currents or magnetic fields to promote healing (Magnet therapy, Electro Magnetic Quantum Science, electroacupuncture).
  • OZON Therapy-– to increase oxigenation to the cells of the body tolead to rejuvenation.
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact us, your call is important to us as your health is! we will get back to you as soon as we can to answer any question you may have. Call  949-500-2984.
  • Doctor Of naturopathy helps you to:

  • Achieve your best health and maintain your wellness, beauty.  Prevent the signs of aging from both inside and out with natural health consultation.
  • Following integrative medicine or natural health helps you not only change your body but also change your mind, emotion, attitude and even your mood. You will feel amazing positive health results in a long run. Your best rewarding choice is a natural health conultation. 
  • Dr. Shari how to help yourself. SHe will teach you how to heal your body, mind, and spirit in the natural holistic way. Natural health is about Chronic Disease Prevention. We can prevent chronic diseases such as Digestive disorders, Leaky gut syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis ( MS), Parkinson, Alzheimer, and even cancer. The sooner you choose antural , the more effective it is.  Let’s act early!!!
  • Illness Prevention is the best way to avoid physical and mental diseases.  Holistic health conultation  not only improves your life quality but also quantity.

We are not only offering FULL BODY HEALTH SCREENING though! Actaully,  We offer you so much more that includes Mind-Body Intervention.  Some of our min-body service include; mind-body yoga therapy session, nutrition change and diet plan, Iridology( Iris Eye Reading), Magnet Therapy, Reflexology, and Acupressure Massage.

We will offer you the utmost quality natural health service from start to finish, here, in orange county California. What are you waiting for? Get started today and realize there are no better illness prevention option out there. We offer such a wide variety of natural health options to choose from. Today is better than tomorrow to start with Natural helath.

In fact, you can heal not only your physical body but also heal your mind and spirit too. You know that practicing yoga along with natural health is the perfect healing lifestyle! Yoga heals not only the physical body but also heals the emotional, mental and spiritual body.  In fact, yoga means unity. Dr. shari teaches how to unifying your body, mind, and spirit. Unification through yoga practice is our ultimate health promotion goal. Isn’t it? Do you know holistic health or alternative medicine has originated from traditional yoga philosophy?

Yoga for Everybody
Yoga heals body mind and emotion.

Actually, considering the whole person(body, mind, spirit) is the foundation of holistic health practice. You know that we are not only the physical body but also mental and spiritual body matter. Each aspect plays a big role in our whole well -being.  Physical illness is the last stage of illness that originates from mind and emotion. We help you discover the root causes of imbalnce with our integrative yoga therapy approach. For example, when we get sick, the first stage of symptoms shows off on the spirit level. Next stage of illness is the mental level. Finally, the last stage is physical symptoms of illness.

Integrative yoga practice considers not only physical healing but also emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Now we know that we need to heal our spirit first, next we will be able to heal our mind, then emotion, and finally the physical body will be healed. The whole procedure is called holistic health! we heal the whole being.

In fact, holistic health or traditional naturopathy practice has been one of the best cost -effective practices in medicinal history. Natural remedies cost LESS and are more effective! Naturopathy history gets back to thousands of years ago when people found their remedies from mother nature.  Nature is nurturing!

Natural remedies originated from herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, … Those remedies were found based on a hundred years of experience.  Natural remedies are effective when we apply them regularly.  There are fewer side effects when we use the whole plants or flowers.

Herbal Remedy
Herbal Remedy

Naturopathy emphasis on Detox or Chelation Therapy. Toxins are overloaded over time from the food and drugs that we take and the chemical environment that we live on. Toxins overload makes us sick over time. We need to detox as soon as we can to prevent further health issues and revitalize our body and mind.

You know that a combination of regular yoga practice and naturopathy together complete each other to promote health. we need to integrate yoga and natural health in order to reach our goal of a happy and healthy long life. Integration of yoga and natural health creates a healthy lifestyle.

food and disease prevention
holistic health, food can be medicine.disease prevention in a natural way

Therefore, our lifestyle is what we emphasize. Naturopathy consultation finds the root cause of diseases. Actaully,  Dr. Shari , doctor of Naturopathy, helps you to change your lifestyle, apply nutrition and exercise in order to achieve your best health condition.

At last, it is about your choice! If you schedule natural health consultation, Dr. Shari will guide you through your own  natural health journey. Every oone is esepcial.  Certainly, she supports you how to gain your optimal health goal. Natural health care is your best options to choose, act now.

Finally, if you have enough patience to practice what naturopathic doctor teach, you will appreciate your decision later.  If you like creating a positive change in your life and well-being call Dr. shari today!

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