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Welcome to Natural Health and Yoga LLC.

Are you interested in natural healing? Do you like nature and its natural healing remedy? Do you believe in the healing energy of nature to heal yourself?  Would you prefer to help yourself with natural healing solutions?

If your answers are YES! You are in a RIGHT place.

Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, guides you on how to heal yourself. You can maintain and improve your health with natural healing solutions.  Dr. Shari guides you with natural solutions for rejuvenation, netter health, and happiness. Actually, she takes you on the natural health journey to prevent degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal Imbalance, and even cancer with all-natural Health solutions. When we discover the cause os illness, we can facilitate your inherent healing capacity!

Dr. Shari helps you in a natural health journey to rejuvenate your body and mind without any chemical side effects!  

  Why don’t you try to heal yourself in a natural way! 

Yoga for healing
yoga for healing

Rejuvenate yourself and prevent degenerative diseases by turning to Natural Health & Yoga LLC.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Shari and I am a naturopathic doctor. I provide natural healing solutions to your health issues. In fact, some of my natural health interventions include yoga therapy and holistic health care services. Actually, by harnessing the restorative power of nature, I remove the underlying causes of illness and help your body rebuild itself.

The natural healing approach to health-care is unique, integrative, and effective.

Honestly, I serve as your naturopathic doctor as well as your teacher. My major role is to educate and encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Certainly, prevention is easier than cure, so I am here to educate you about taking responsibility to prevent diseases. I guide you on how to improve your own health naturally. First, I will discover your risk factors. I do not suppress the symptoms with pain killers. After finding the underlying causes of disease, I help you in creating good habits and avoiding further harm to your body. The final result is that you can achieve your optimal health with consistency and regular practice of what you learn from Dr. Shari.

Read on to learn more about what I can do for you, and get in touch with me to schedule an appointment or make inquiries. 

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Natural Health Services

Virtual Online Telehealth:

COVID-19 outbreak has affected everybody but we are flexible to try Telemedicine!

Natural health and yoga can offer select Virtual visits. As a client, you can attend these appointments from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop by logging into your FREE Zoom account. Dr. Shari will host the zoom and invites you to join. We can seat face to face in front of the computer and meet each other on a LIVE screen. There are options like online nutrition consultation available to you as well as how to prepare for your visit.

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Iridology or Iris Eye Reading: Your eyes are the windows of your brain, and they can demonstrate internal organ functions. Through this service, I can discover the root cause of your illness without puncturing any part of your body or using a needle. https://www.mytraditionalyoga.com/rejuvenation-and-lifestyle/natural-health-packages-and-alternative-medicine-services-in-california/iridiology-iris-eye-reading/

Diet and Nutrition: This includes a diet assessment and high-potency vitamin and mineral recommendations. I also provide suggestions about which foods you should replace and what food or spice you have to consume in aiming for a specific type of healing.


Vitamin and Supplement: I determine any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have by letting you undergo several tests. If your body is lacking in nutrition, that could be the cause of your health issues.


Mind-Body Health: Health is not only concerned with one’s physical body. Your emotions and mind can influence your physical condition too. Especially, I use techniques such as relaxation, guided imagery, and meditation to balance your mind and emotions and enhance your health.

Botanical or Herbal Remedy: This involves herbal medicine or the use of whole plants and herbs to help your body heal itself.


Ozone Therapy: This helps increase oxygenation to the cells of the body, leading to rejuvenation. Call for First session 949-500-2984

Chakra Yoga Therapy: Practicing yoga, along with the use of natural health remedies, is the perfect healing lifestyle. You can restore your mind, body, and spirit all at once. Obviously, yoga means unity, so I will teach you how to unify every aspect of your being. Unification through yoga practice is our ultimate goal. Release sad emotion, let the anger, fear go. Do not let suppressed emotions control your whole life. Try a yoga therapy session with Doctor Shari today. https://www.mytraditionalyoga.com/rejuvenation-and-lifestyle/natural-health-packages-and-alternative-medicine-services-in-california/wellness-services-in-orange-county-ca/yoga-natural-health/yoga-therapy-exercise/

Integrative Systems of Medicine: I integrate Eastern medicine (holistic health and traditional medicine) into Western medicine (technology and science).

Manual Healing Methods: To promote healing, I use treatments that allow me to make use of my hands. These include massage, reflexology, magnet therapy, and acupressure.

Bioelectromagnetic Therapy: Electrical currents or magnetic fields are used in magnet therapy, electromagnetic quantum science, and electroacupuncture to restore health.


Your body is a temple of the divine spirit within you, Keep it clean and pure from the soul to reside in.

Dr. shari
Meet Dr. shari, Doctor of Naturopathy

Explore My Holistic Health Solutions: click https://www.mytraditionalyoga.com/detoxification-california-weight-loss-diet-plan-nutrition/

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Finally, Prevent Cancer, Reduce Pain, and Inflammation with Natural Health Consultation.

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