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Disease Prevention is easier than Treatment.

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Dr. shari helps you to reduce pain and prevent degenerative diseases in a natural Way.

Restore your Health with Natural Health Consutlation.

Holistic health approach is your best choice without any side effects.

Natural health  is your best choice to restore your health or maintain it with traditional yoga and natural health.  Actaully, you will get the quality health care that you are looking for. You have the flexibility to choose from natural healing package options. 

Meet Doctor Shari;

    •  Here is a list of Dr. Shari’s Holistic Health Services. You have option to choose;

    • Iridology: Iris or Eye color reading( Your eyes are windows of your brain and demonstrate internal organ functions. Dt. shari can discover the Root cause of your illness  without any puncture or using even a needle.
    • Diet and Nutrition — Diet assessment, suggestions what to replace, what to use as of specific healing food or spice, high potency vitamins and mineral recommendation , and etc.
    • Botanical Herbal Remedy– Herabl medicine or the use of whole plants and herbs to help your body heal itself.
    • Vitamin and Supplementation Therapy: Dr. shari discovers your vitamin and mineral deficinecy through several tests. She guides you what vitamin deficiency might be the cause of your health issues.
    • Mind-Body Integration –Health is not only the physical body. Your emotion and mind can influence your physical body.  Dr. shari considers the use of mind and balanced emotion to enhance your health (Relaxation, Guided Imaginary, meditation).
    • Integrative systems of Medicine — Integration use of Eastern medicine( holistic health and traditional medicine) in combination with Western medicine( technology and science)
      • Manual Healing Methods — the use of the hands to promote healing (e.g., massage, reflexology, magnet therapy, Acupressure,…)
  • Bioelectromagnetic therapies — the use of electrical currents or magnetic fields to promote healing (Magnet therapy, Electro Magnetic Quantum Science, electroacupuncture).
  • OZON Therapy-– to increase oxigenation to the cells of the body tolead to rejuvenation.
  • If you have any question, feel free to contact us, your call is important to us as your health is! we will get back to you as soon as we can to answer any question you may have. Call  949-500-2984.
  • Doctor Of naturopathy helps you to:

  • Achieve your best health and maintain your wellness, beauty.  Prevent the signs of aging from both inside and out with natural health consultation.
  • Following integrative medicine or natural health helps you not only change your body but also change your mind, emotion, attitude and even your mood. You will feel amazing positive health results in a long run. Your best rewarding choice is a natural health conultation. 
  • Dr. Shari how to help yourself. SHe will teach you how to heal your body, mind, and spirit in the natural holistic way. Natural health is about Chronic Disease Prevention. We can prevent chronic diseases such as Digestive disorders, Leaky gut syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis ( MS), Parkinson, Alzheimer, and even cancer. The sooner you choose antural , the more effective it is.  Let’s act early!!!
  • Illness Prevention is the best way to avoid physical and mental diseases.  Holistic health conultation  not only improves your life quality but also quantity.

We are not only offering FULL BODY HEALTH SCREENING though! Actaully,  We offer you so much more that includes Mind-Body Intervention.  Some of our min-body service include; mind-body yoga therapy session, nutrition change and diet plan, Iridology( Iris Eye Reading), Magnet Therapy, Reflexology, and Acupressure Massage.

We will offer you the utmost quality natural health service from start to finish, here, in orange county California. What are you waiting for? Get started today and realize there are no better illness prevention option out there. We offer such a wide variety of natural health options to choose from. Today is better than tomorrow to start with Natural helath.

In fact, you can heal not only your physical body but also heal your mind and spirit too. You know that practicing yoga along with natural health is the perfect healing lifestyle! Yoga heals not only the physical body but also heals the emotional, mental and spiritual body.  In fact, yoga means unity. Dr. shari teaches how to unifying your body, mind, and spirit. Unification through yoga practice is our ultimate health promotion goal. Isn’t it? Do you know holistic health or alternative medicine has originated from traditional yoga philosophy?

Yoga for Everybody
Yoga heals body mind and emotion.

Actually, considering the whole person(body, mind, spirit) is the foundation of holistic health practice. You know that we are not only the physical body but also mental and spiritual body matter. Each aspect plays a big role in our whole well -being.  Physical illness is the last stage of illness that originates from mind and emotion. We help you discover the root causes of imbalnce with our integrative yoga therapy approach. For example, when we get sick, the first stage of symptoms shows off on the spirit level. Next stage of illness is the mental level. Finally, the last stage is physical symptoms of illness.

Integrative yoga practice considers not only physical healing but also emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Now we know that we need to heal our spirit first, next we will be able to heal our mind, then emotion, and finally the physical body will be healed. The whole procedure is called holistic health! we heal the whole being.

In fact, holistic health or traditional naturopathy practice has been one of the best cost -effective practices in medicinal history. Natural remedies cost LESS and are more effective! Naturopathy history gets back to thousands of years ago when people found their remedies from mother nature.  Nature is nurturing!

Natural remedies originated from herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, … Those remedies were found based on a hundred years of experience.  Natural remedies are effective when we apply them regularly.  There are fewer side effects when we use the whole plants or flowers.

Herbal Remedy
Herbal Remedy

Naturopathy emphasis on Detox or Chelation Therapy. Toxins are overloaded over time from the food and drugs that we take and the chemical environment that we live on. Toxins overload makes us sick over time. We need to detox as soon as we can to prevent further health issues and revitalize our body and mind.

You know that a combination of regular yoga practice and naturopathy together complete each other to promote health. we need to integrate yoga and natural health in order to reach our goal of a happy and healthy long life. Integration of yoga and natural health creates a healthy lifestyle.

food and disease prevention
holistic health, food can be medicine.disease prevention in a natural way

Therefore, our lifestyle is what we emphasize. Naturopathy consultation finds the root cause of diseases. Actaully,  Dr. Shari , doctor of Naturopathy, helps you to change your lifestyle, apply nutrition and exercise in order to achieve your best health condition.

At last, it is about your choice! If you schedule natural health consultation, Dr. Shari will guide you through your own  natural health journey. Every oone is esepcial.  Certainly, she supports you how to gain your optimal health goal. Natural health care is your best options to choose, act now.

Finally, if you have enough patience to practice what naturopathic doctor teach, you will appreciate your decision later.  If you like creating a positive change in your life and well-being call Dr. shari today!

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Disease Prevention is Easier than Treatment.

Try Diseases Prevention holisticly:

You don’t have to suffer pain form diseases. Prevention is easier than treatment. 

Dr. Shari offers natural health solutions for pain reduction.

 What is your health concern?

 Do you like helping yourself?

Dr. Shari guides you to how to help yourself and heal your body and mind in anatural way.

Are you interested in preventing health issues before getting worse?

Yes! You are in a right direction. Preventing an illness is much easier than Treatment.

Would you like following natural health solutions that are Chemical- Free and and detox you?

 Choose Dr. Shari’s natural health care to reduce pain from physical body, balance emotion and improve your mental health in a natural way. 

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Natural Health
Natural Health to be Pain Free

Do increased energy, greater enthusiasm, and an enhanced sense of well–being an appeal to you? How about a greater sense of joy?

Within yourself, you have the power you need to create wellness in your life.

That power is the power of choice.

Holistic health emphasis on Prevention and it can be your best First choice.

According to WHO, Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being .” Achieving wellness requires balancing the various aspects of the whole person. These aspects are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This broader holistic approach to health involves the integration of all of these aspects and is an ongoing process.

The board-certified holistic health practitioner and Doctor of Naturopathy, Shari’s first roles are to assess your health situation and explain the symptoms and possible causes of illness to you. Next, Dr. Shari explains your options for addressing your health situation; she will explain present healing choices or actions needed, suggest how you can help yourself, tells you what might happen id nothing is changed, acknowledges that there may be other natural health options, and answer your questions. Finally, Dr. Shari will support your recovery by providing the chosen natural healing choice, Refer you to appropriate practitioners.

Natural health & Yoga has all the anwers for you. You might have afew more questionssuch as;

How degenerative disease prevention is possible in a natural way?  What are the root causes of my illness? Are Chronic diseases preventable? How a Doctor of naturopathy can help you find natural solutions for chronic diseases such as  Diabetes, Heart Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and cancer?

Health options
Health options

Yes! Chronic diseases are preventable. Dr. of naturopathy, Shahrzad, will assess . your health situation and explains it to you. she will find out the root causes of health issues such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and cancer. Natural health consultation helps to prevent diseases in a natural way. Dr. Shahrzad will explian your health options for adrerssing your individualized health situation.

Naturopathy followers learn how to prevent chronic diseases in a natural way. As a naturopath I believe, You don’t have to suffer from memory loss, too much emotional stress.  you don’t have to suffer from heart disease and high blood pressure, Anxiety or depression. You don’t have to live with chronic high cholesterol and fatty liver. You don’t have to suffer  Digestion problem and leaky gut syndrome, joint inflammation, and muscle cramps. As a naturopath, I can help you in applying natural solutions without drug side effects.

Chronic disease prevention is possible in a natural way. Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, will guide you on how to improve your memory, reduce stress, heal heart diseases and balance blood pressure in a natural way. You will feel relieved and happiness comes to your heart. Natural remedies to balance, blood cholesterol and heal fatty liver gradually. Solve digestion issues and food sensitivity only by changing your food habit. The leaky gut syndrome will be healed in a 100% natural way. Joint inflammation will disappear over time and muscle cramps will be gone as long as you follow my natural remedy direction.

As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Shari follows six principles:

(1) Do No Harm;

(2) The Healing Power of Nature;

(3) Find the Cause;

(4) Treat the Whole Person;

(5) Preventive Medicine;

(6) Doctor as Teacher.

This set of principles, emphasized throughout a naturopathic doctor’s training, outlines the philosophy guiding the naturopathic approach to health and healing. The principal forms the foundation of distinct natural health care practice.

Prevent chronic diseases with naturopathic consultation. Naturopathic doctors use a variety of natural and non-invasive therapies, including clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, and counseling. Many naturopathic doctors have additional training and certification in acupuncture and natural childbirth. Naturopathic treatments are effective in treating a wide variety of conditions without the need for additional intervention. Naturopathic doctors are also able to function within an integrated framework, and naturopathic therapies can be used to complement treatments used by conventionally trained medical doctors. A result is a patient-centered approach that strives to provide the most appropriate treatment for an individual’s needs.

Prevent Alzheimer, Parkinson, Heart disease, Cancer at the FIRST Stage.

Find out the natural solutions for pain reduction , we can help you!

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This is a guide to assist you in the selection of naturopathy healing methods. It is important to understand that this does not take the place of health care guidance or diagnosis. It is provided to help you to understand what could possibly assist you. For further assistance or question please call  Dr. shari at 949-500-2984

Pain free naturally
Pain Free in a Naturall Way

 Dr. Shari’s  Naturopathy Healing Center  can assist you with the airlments such as:

 ADHD Kids:

Hyperactivity in children has natural solutions and there is no need to give kids chemical drugs. Dr. Of naturopathy, Shari, will guide you through all natural alternative options to choose and help young kids recover over time and become disease free. The younger the child is, the more effective natural remedy will be. My wok procedure includes

Holistic Health Assessment, Iridology, Nutrition Consultation, and Diet change, Supplement Recommendation, Botanical remedy, and Detoxification Guidance


Constant habit to something good or bad is called addiction. Dr. of naturopathy guides you how to change your habit, cleanse your body from inside out and resolve the issues all in natural way. work procedure includes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Acupressure, Nutrition Balance, Detoxification

Adrenal Exhaustion, 

Adrenal exhaustion is a sign that we need to pay attention to it. One of the symptoms is chronic fatigue. Dr. shari can guide you on how to reenergize your body all in the natural way.  Her work procedure include;

Natural Health Exam, Iridology , Herbology, Nutritional Consult

Alzheimer or Memory Loss Over time:

we can prevent memory loss by applying all natural non-harming solutions. Go natural before being late. Dr. Shari’s healing procedure includes;

Holistic Health Exam, Iridology, Nutrition assessment, Quantum Magnet, Metal detoxification, Kinesiology

Aging and Natural Rejuventaion:

Aging is unavoidable but we help you delay it naturally as much as we can. Stay young and fresh with natural health option; Rejuvenate your body and mind with all natural health options. Dr. shari guides you with;

Natural whole Health Exam, Iridology, Life Coaching, Herbology, Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Detox Massage, Nutritional Consultation, yoga therapy


 Allergies are related to body imbalance and deficiencies. Doctor of Naturopathy guides you through how to balance and resolve the root causes of allergies. clean your body from inside out. Reduce allergic reaction and prevent future cancer as soon as you can with Dr. Shari’s naturopathic consultation.

Natural healing
Natural Healing

Natural Health Exam, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage with a ball, Foot Hydrotherapy, Iridiology, Herbology, Magnet Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, Yoga, 

Anxiety and Natural Helath:

Are always worried about something? Do you have butterfly in stomach? Are you often worried about future? chronic anxiety can hurt your body . When Ayurvedic doshas are out of balance, it will influence emotional and physical body. Ask Dr. shari how you can balance your emotional well-being with natural health solutions. Dr. shari help you with:

Natural Whole Health Exam, Iridology, YogaTherapy Session, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Magnetic Healing, Life Coaching, Chakra Energy Balance, Herbal Medicine, Food as Medicine, Aroma therapy, 


Joints lack of circulation and bone inflammation can be healed with natural remedies. Dr. shari teaches you what natural health options can help you the most according to your whole health condition. Here are some of services:

Natural Whole Health Exam, Iris Eye Reading, Nutrition change and supplement Guidance, internal and External Heral Remedies, Acupressure for trigger points release, Lymphatic Drainage, Yoga therapy, Chakra energy balance


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Kinesiology, Herbology, Steam Herbal Treatment, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage

Back Pain

Dont suuffer lower back pain when we have the natural solutions for you! the procedure includes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Posture Analysis and yoga Therapy, Herbology, Magnet Therapy, Acupressure, Functional Assessment, Massage, Manual Therapy


Prevent cancer as early as possible. Cance is preventable in early stages. even though you are a survival you have still time to prevent cancer’s progression.

Dr. Nasrabadi’s doctoral thesis was about cancer prevention. She has done a vast research and can guide you through cancer prevention in every stage it is . You will learn what specific change can make a big difference in solving your health problem.  Her work procedure includes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance, Detoxification, PH balance, Herbology, Detoxification, Yoga and meditation, chakra balance , Stress Relief

Carpal Tunnel:

Carpel tunnel is one of the health concerns for those type in front of computer a alot. Dr. shari can helpyou reduce pain and let your body heal itself. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Individulaized Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition Guidance, Magnet Treatment, Acupressure, Massage, Yoga Therapy


Catarct is one the eye issues that is preventable. Dr. shari can assist you to prevent catarct progress and imrpove your eyesight over time without any surgery. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology,  Herbology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance, Eye Exercise, Accupressure Massage.


Cellulite is assocaite with wesight lose. Let us help you with;

Natural Health Exam,Iridiology, Lymphatic Drainage, Body Wrap,

Nutrition and Supplement Guidance

Chronic Fatigue:

Chronic fatigue is common. If you feel tired and has no energy, dont let it become chronic. Dr. os naturopathy , Shari can discover the root causes of your fatigue and guide you how to increase your energy and bring back balnce to your life. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Acupressure, Herbology, Kinesiology, Yoga Therapy and chakra balance

Chemo Side Effects:

If you or your family member is cancer survival you need to get rid of chemicals. Dr. shari can help you to reduce chemicals and nurish your tissues to rebuild again. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Individualized Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, NutritionAssessment, Diet change,  and Supplement Guidance, Hypnotherapy, Herbal products


Body cleansing is what everybody needs. Clenasing helps to reduce pain and inflmmation in antural way. Dr. shari helps you to cleanse and reduce toxins from deep tissues. You will not needs surgey if you try cleansing on time. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam,Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

 Hydrotherapy, Herbology, Colon Hydrotherapy


Don’t suffer constipation when Dr. shari has the natural solutions. Resolve elimination issues as early as possible. Dr. shari helps you to solve constipation, prevent chronic diseases, imrpove digestive system function, Improve your emotional health and reduce depression. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, IRIDIOLOGY, Nutrition Assessment, Habit change, colon clenasing, detox, Supplement Guidance, Acupressure, Abdominal Massage, Herbal Remedy, Acupressure


If you have been colici and gassiness bother you, There is a natural solution to resolve digestive pain issues. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance

Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupressure


Diabetes is preventable. Do not suffer hunger and low blood sugar. The earlier you seek natural health solution, the better you can prevent diabetes or blood sugar imbalnce.

Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, teaches you how to lose fat while protecting your muscle mass, eating REAL food. You will learn the good and bad about food to make this a lifestyle change, versus a diet that starts and stops. This program will allow you to address the root causes of your symptoms and key issues such as controlling blood sugar while having 15 key functional imbalances corrected. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition Assessment, vitamin Supplement Guidance


Dizziness icould be related to some trigger points at the head and neck area. Dr. shari discovers the rot causes od dizzinesses and helps you heal your body while resolving the root causes of dizziness. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural  Whole Health Exam, Iridiology,Nutrition Assessemnt,

Magnet Therapy, Herbal an botanical Remedy, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, Trigger point therapy, Yoga Therapy


Eczema migt have different causes. Allergic reaction is one the causes. Dr. shari can help you resolve the eczema problem foreve. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition Guidance, Skin Rejuvenation,  Detoxification, Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoga Therapy, 

Earache( Chronic)

Earache is one the symptoms of Leaky gut syndrome. Dr. shari resolved the leaky gut syndrome and its sideeffects such as earache, constipation,…Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Whole Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition Guidance,  Supplement Therapy, PH balance, Herbal Botanicals, Natural Cream Remedy, Magnet Therapy


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Chakra Balancing, Herbology, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and supplement Guidance,  Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology, Steam Treatment, Acuppressure, Body Wrap, Massage, Manual Therapy, Foot Hydrotherapy

Food Sensitivity

Natural Health Exam, Kinesiology,Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Magnet Therapy, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Aromatherapy, Herbology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupressure


Dont suffer headche and dont kill the symptoms with pain killers. Dr. shari has natural solutions that removes root causes of pain. Pain mean pay attention to me before it is late. Dr. Shari’s  work procedure inlcudes:

Headache Natural Relief

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Herbology, Acupressure with a ball, Chakra Balancing, Functional Assessment, Posture Analysis, Yoga Therapy, Magnet Therapy,


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Herbal Suppository, Herbology, Magnet Therapy, Acupressure

High Blood Pressure

Natural Health Exam,Iridology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance,

Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Acupressure, Chakra Balancing

IBS( Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome)

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance, Detoxification, PH balance, Herbology, Steam Treatment


Natural Health Exam, Homeopathy, Steam Therapy, Herbology


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Supplement Guidance, Detoxification,

Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology, Steam Treatment, Acupressure, Massage, Manual Therapy, Yoga Therapy and chakra balance


Natural Health Exam,Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology, Yoga Therapy and chakra balance


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Counseling,Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Magnet Healing , Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing,

Learning Disabilities

Natural Health Exam, Iridology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Detoxification, Herbal Remedies, Yoga and magnet Therapy

Low Self Esteem

Natural Health Exam, Counseling, Yoga, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Therapy, Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing,

Lung Disorders

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Acupressure, Herbology, Lymphatic Drainage

Lymes Disease

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Foot Hydrotherapy, Herbology

Memory Loss

Natural Health Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Acupressure, Magnet  and yoga Therapy


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance , Acupressure, Herbology, Hypnotherapy

Muscle Spasms

Natural Health Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Supplement Remedies , Herbology, Acupressure, Massage, Manual Therapy

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Natural Health Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, alignment YOGA THERAPY, Herbology,

Functional Assessment, Acupressure, Massage, Manual Therapy, Posture Analysis


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance ,Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Acupressure, Massage, Magnet Therapy

Ovarian Cysts;

Ovarian cysts are preventable and can be treated in a natural way. Call Dr. naturopathy to guide you through natural solutions.

Natural Health Exam, Iridology, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance Herbology, Acupressure

Pain Management in a natural way;

Dr. of naturopathy guides you through all natural modalities that will reduce pain and removes the root causes of pain without any side effects. All modalities are drug -free and effective when we follow it up.

Here are some solutions: Natural Health Exam, Iridology exam, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Detoxification, Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology, Steam Treatment, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure, Massage, Manual Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Functional Assessment, Posture Analysis, Yoga Therapy


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Foot Hydrotherapy, Herbology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupressure

Parenting Issues

Life Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy

PH Imbalance

Natural Health Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Test Urinalysis, Nutritional Consultation


Natural Health Exam, Counseling, Yoga and meditation, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Neural Therapy, Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing

PMS( Premenstrual Syndrome)

Natural Health Exam, IRIDOLOGY EXAM, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology, Acupressure, Massage, Magnet Therapy

Postpartum Depression

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Therapy, Yoga and meditation, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing


Natural Health Exam, Iridology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Detoxification, Herbal Remedies, IBS Remedies, Magnet Therapy, Regular Yoga and core conditioning

What is the relationship between the gut or digestive system and brain function to prevent Parkinson? These are the questions that need to be   answered.  Finding new natural solutions to avoid degenerative nerve diseases such as Parkinson disease is our ultimate goal.

Brain Function, Digestion and Parkinson Prevention are related together.  Certainly, millions of neurons  around the digestive system are in talk with brain frequently. In fact, your digestive system  affects your brain. Actually , your gut has a direct influence on your mental state and  your brain process information.Parkinson is a neurodegenerative diseases that  affects nervous system and brain function . Parkinson is the second most prevalence neurodegenerative diseases after Alzheimer’s. It is influenced by environmental factors. there is a connection between neurological diseases and digestive health.

Parkinson prevention , Brain function
Brain function

If you like improving your brain function and prevent Parkinson, you have to improve your gut’s health. Especially, digestive system health depends on your lifestyle. In particular, healthy lifestyle improves brain function. If you like learning how to improve your lifestyle, Consultation with a Doctor of Naturopathy or Holistic health helps you a lot. Remember, Prevention cost less than treatment. Doctor of naturopathy helps you in diseases prevention.

Digestion function affect brain and can help in Parkinson Prevention. To be sure, Naturopathy Consultation guides you through improving brain function and  Parkinson prevention. Neurodegenerative diseases are preventable if we turn to natural solutions when we are young. The younger you are, the more effective it is to prevent Parkinson later in life. Book  your first Naturopathy consultation today,

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One of the ways to help you digestive health is taking natural remedies, If you are interested, click http://<iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”//”> </iframe>


Posttraumatic disorder once called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened. PTSD is a lasting consequence of traumatic ordeals that cause intense fear, helplessness, or horrors, such as a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, an accident, war, or natural disaster. Families of victims can also develop PTSD, as can emergency personnel and rescue workers.

Holistic health approach can help to heal PTSD emotionally and mentally over time. Before starting the natural health journey, Dr. of Naturopathy can help PTSD with Natural Health Exam, Iridology exam, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Counseling, Yoga and Meditation, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Imaginary Meditation, Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing

Wrinkle Skin

prevention is better than treatment! We can delay wrinkles on the skin, the sooner we consider natural remedies. Dr. of naturopathy helps you reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin drug-free from inside out. The journey includes:

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology, Facial, Facial Rejuvenation with Ozon therapy, Facial Detox Massage, Nutritional Consult, stem cell rejuvenation 

Sexual Dysfunction:

Sexual dysfunction refers to a problem that prevents the man or couple from experiencing satisfaction from sex. Dr. of naturopathy can help to find the underlying root causes of the problem and resolve from the roots in a non-harming way. you experience the positive change not only physically but also mental and emotionally.  

Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Hypnotherapy, Herbology, Steam Treatment, Acupressure, Massage, Magnet Therapy

Sinus Inflamation:

Inflammation can block off the drainage channels of your sinuses. Other conditions that can cause a sinus infection are • Colds • Allergies,..

Dr. of naturopathy can resolve the sinus inflammation from its root causes and heal you forever so don’t have to suffer sinus infection each winter. Healing procedure includes; Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Acupressure, Botanical Herbs and teas, Magnet Therapy,…


Smoking is a self-destroying habit that the person hurts himself physically to get satisfied emotionally. Dr. of naturopathy will teach you how to reduce stress in a natural way instead of hurting yourself. She will educate how to detox and prevent degenerative diseases n future.

Natural healing procedure includes Natural Health Exam, Botanical Herb Remedies, Detoxification,  Supplements, yoga therapy, Relaxation, Hypnotherapy,  Psychology, and Attitude change. 

Stress Management:

Stress management is a great skill that we need to learn from our childhood. when psychological stress is too much over time, its symptoms are not only emotionally ( anger, fear, guilt,..) but also physical symptoms will be the warning to pay attention to it. Dr. of Naturopathy can help to manage the stress all in a natural way without any drug and its side effects.

Naturopathy stress management procedure includes Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, Nutrition, and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology, Yoga and meditation, Imaginary stress relief, life coaching,..


Natural Health Exam, Iridiology Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Lymphatic Drainage, Herbology, Steam Treatment, Body Wrap, Acupressure, Massage, Magnet  Therapy, Cranial Sacral

Thyroid Disorders

Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology


Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Foot Hydrotherapy, Herbology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Kinesiology

Varicose Veins

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology, Lymphatic Drainage, Magnet Therapy

Viral and  Fungal  Infections

Natural Health Exam,Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Herbology, Steam Treatment

Weight Gain

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss

Natural Health Exam, Iridiology, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance,  Herbology, Colon Detoxification, Inflammation Reduction, Yoga and pilates


Natural Health Exam, Iridology Exam, , Natural Creams, Herbology, Facial, Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Detox Massage, Nutritional Consult, Nutrition and Natural Supplement Guidance, Yoga and stress relief

Natural Health Packages

Natural Health Consultation for illness prevention
Natural Health Consultation for illness prevention

Natural Health Packages: 

Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, guides you on how to heal yourself in a natural way. You can prevent degenrative diseases with Natural Helath Consultation. 

 Act Today to Reduce Pain in a Natural Way.

We help you Heal Yourself.

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Prevent Cancer, Recue Pian and Inflmmation with Natural Health Consultation:

 There are three packages that can cater your natural health care needs and budgets.

Choose the package and reach your better health goals. Here are 3 available naturopathic packages to choose:

Naturopathic Bronze package :

Option 1- Private Sessions  ( Bronze package)                 

Explain your current health situation, share your health objectives, and discuss natural holistic options. You can Choose ONLY ONE ( Iridology, yoga therapy, magnet therapy) that fits your need the most.

Naturopathic Silver package:

•  Magnet Therapy: New client • Feet Massage,  Magnet Therapy( 60-minute session) 

Option 2-Tactical, Natural Health Plan( Silver Package)

  • Analysis of your HEALTH objectives, needs, and frustration( s)

You will receive: recommendations, instructions with follow-up including:

    1. Analysis of contributing factors ( environmental and diet), physical and mental components.
    2. A consultation session with a written tactical health plan, recommendations, and instructions
    3. Two phone follow-ups and coaching sessions

food as medicine food as medicine

Naturopathic GOLD  Package :

This package includes every natural modality. It is acomprehensive package and the most effective healing source to prevent and cure diseases.

•Gold package includes Integrative Medicine and  Naturopathic Assesment:

New client ( Two hours session that includes fours in-office tests_

Three follow-up sessions( each session is one hour)

Strategic Holistic Healing Plan( Gold Package):

A comprehensive analysis of your current  health situation and risk factors. Actaully, you will receive natural health recommendations, instructions, and coaching with follow-up including:

1) Whole Health Analysis with using Quantom Magnet Analyzer ( cancer prevention)

  • Lifestyle Mapping, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, also diet, and environmental toxins
  • Body-emotion-mind health including your physical, emotional and  mental component evaluation,

** Heavy metal, pesticide  toxicity assessment ( Aluminum, cadmium, lead, Mercury and metal  toxicity)

**Leaky Gut or digestive system Evaluationl, Yeast overgrowth ( candida) Appraisal, Toxic Bowel Appraisal

** Nutritional Testing Zones( The torso, The head, and neck, The Pelvis) and Vitamin Deficinecy Dicovery

** Iridology Eye Analysis and Iris Eye Reading and  Inherent Disease Discovery

** Feet and Hand Reflexology, Following Zone Charts to find root causes of pain

** Aura Reading and Chakra Balance for emotional Healing( Anger, Fear, Anxiety)

yoga to combat sad emotion

*** Teaching you appropriate exercise,therapeutic yoga postures, and breathing exercise   that can resolve physical and emotional health issues.

**** Instructions how to prevent cancer and tumor regrowth ( excellent for Cancer survivors )

2) This  Consultation session will be with a written strategic natural health plan( like a prescription) along with natural health recommendations to improve your health condition. As well, instructions on how to maintain your good health over the years.

3) Also , the gold package includes Three Follow-up consultation sessions to review and adjust your  plan to achieve your better health objectives.

4) Free Telephone coaching sessions for following up and checking the results

NOTE: Vitamin Supplements and minerals are NOT included in the fees. Those are optional and billed separately.

Natural Health Consultation for illness prevention
Natural Health Consultation for illness prevention

Naturopathic Packages :

The credit card will be held in a file. In case of appointment Cancelation, we apologize the cancelation fee of $ 25.  The doctor holds the appointmnet time for you, so nobody can book it anymore.

Iridiology or iris eyes reading

Iridology ( Iris Eyes test ) =$ 25 and Iris Analysis= $25

Individualized Yoga  Therapy and Aura healing Session,

yoga therapy
yoga for emotional balance

Group Yoga sessions of at least 5 students ( $ 10 per student)


Relaxation or Yoga Nidra for 30 Minutes Session

Relaxation Technique

Naturopathic consultation helps you to;

  • Find out what are the causes of illness

  • Prevent chronic diseases such as cancer at its early stage, Don’s suffer too long.

  • Avoid supressing the illness symptoms.  Natural health helps you cure the cause of pain.

  • Try Natural remedies; cure diseases from the roots 

  • Feel Younger, happier and healthier over time with natural health consultation

  • Save your life and happiness with going natural

The natural health exam is a comprehensive study of the human body using observation skills from the Orient and Europe. It is a preventative approach focusing on organ system efficiency and cleansing. Its goal is to heal the internal workings of the human body rather than just treating symptoms. By improving the condition of the organs and tissues, symptoms will begin to dissipate and as a result, the body becomes stronger.

The natural health exam looks for imbalances prior to and during a disease state. These imbalances point the practitioner in the proper direction for healing the areas of concern. It also helps with disease prevention. These methods augment conventional medical care. It is not a medical diagnosis.  For a medical diagnosis see your physician.


Please note that the prices listed are for the office visit only. Any further treatment or Supplement and lab work are not included in this price and will be an extra fee which can only be determined after the visit with the Doctor.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, check, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa or pay through Apps such as circle pay and Venmo. Payment is required upon your visit to the office. A $25 cancellation fee is waived if at least 24 hours notice is given.


Natural Health and Yoga LLC.  give you invoice to submit and see whether your insurance covers  certain holistic health services. If you have insurance that either accepts coverage for Alternative Medicine (for general and brief visits only)or acupressure and massage service, it might cover natural health service. Review your insurance plan benefits carefully or call your Insurance to determine whether your plan pays for the Alternative medicine service you wish to receive. Some insurance plans may require pretreatment authorization for certain service.

There may also be a limit to the number of visits allowed by your insurance for certain services. If this is the case, we recommend that you obtain approval from your insurance provider and provide a copy of the authorization for the visit. If your plan does not cover a specific service, you are expected to pay for the service provided.

Yoga for healing
Yoga for Healing

 We can help you with:

Knee pain, shoulder pain, Back pain, migraines, stiff neck, tight hips…is pain lowering your quality of life? If so, we have a natural solution for you. Do you know that nearly 50 million American adults suffer significant chronic or severe pain. What is the good news, Naturopathy has the natural solution, chemical-Free  for you?

Help is here! Research is revealing the power of yoga and natural health to heal and restore your body in antural way. Natural health can make a great addition to your pain-fighting arsenal. Do you know more and more Western-trained medical doctors are incorporating yoga as part of the healing regimen for their pain patients?

The best solution for pain releif is natural health consultation session. Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, does full body health screening. She designs a unique health program for you. She will guide you to how to change your diet, how to apply correct exercise routin and natural remedies to your lifestyle. Certainly, specific yoga routine practice and natural health lifestyle helps to reduce the source of your pain and prevent further chronic diseases in future.

Wellness consultation is your simple solution. You now that the body is a complex organism that has the ability to heal itself.

If only we listen to our body and respond with proper nourishment and care, we can expect the results. In spite of all the base our bodies endure -whether through exposure to environmental toxins, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption or inactivity-they still usually serve us well for many years before signs of illness may start to appear. Even then, with little help, our organs respond and continue to function.

Rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle
Rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle

In fact, the human body is the greatest machine on earth. The fuel that we give to our bodies’ engines come directly from the things we consume. The foods that we eat contain nutrients. Individual nutrients differ in form and functions, and in the amount needed by the body; however, they are all vital to our health. Actually,  deficiency of those nutrients will cause the body part to malfunction and eventually break down. To keep this from happening, we need a proper Nutritional Assessment that leads to nutritional recommendations. In reality, health screening and nutritional assessment are excellent tools to gather the information, evaluate the severity of symptoms. Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy can find out after evaluation. Practically the doctor can find out what elements in the client’s diet may contribute to these symptoms. Connecting diet choices and lifestyle in with symptomatology is a very effective way of creating change.

holistic health and disease prevention
holistic health, food can be medicine.disease prevention in a natural way

The first step in Wellness consultation is health evaluation.

Evaluation needs to be face to face. After full evaluation is done, Doctor of Natural Health will guide you through proper diet, Sleep, Proper stress management, Optimal digestion, adequate elimination and detox, Optimal tissue minerals and required supplements , balanced essential fatty acids, proper blood sugar regulation, optimal hydration, adequate vitamin levels , balance adrenal , thyroid and sex hormones, good cardiovascular health, balance kidney , bladder and immune system.* *

In-home Health package Options 

I can offer  In-home Health Coach. I teach you how to manage your health with different food choice and natural plant remedies.

My job is a combination of art and science. Upon our first visit, you are required to complete my extensive nutritional assessment that is like a survey. It works with on a day to day basis as I will pan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can help even if you are vegan, Kosher, Lactose-free, or gluten-free diet. I can create a Full meal plan that is tailored to each individual health needs but I also give you alternatives and nutritional choices.

  • Teaching exceptional Mediterranean cooking style and giving you nutritional information helps you manage your own health.
  • I can come to your individualized location or home, for Cooking Tips, demonstrate natural Remedy preparation. I help you to plan a specific diet for Elderly and Sick.
  • Good food can be your medicine. I have knowledge and experience of different ingredients and how it affects your health. I can schedule a cooking training at your home that fits your lifestyle.
  • I can teach you grocery shopping how to choose the best when there are lots of options.
  • If you need to lose weight, I will guide you what diet works the best for you while you will not be starving. You can eat food but you will change the kind of the food you eat. My bonus to you is teaching you effective exercise routine too!

Price depends on what you need ( meal preparation help, cooking training at you home,…

The results will be a healthier happier lifestyle. You can feel balanced blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol.

Contact me with any question,

FIRST Phone Consultation is FREE.

Call Now and Restore your Health 949-500-2984

Call for First FREE Phone Consultation. Later, the doctor of natural health needs to meet you Face to face for holistic evaluation. The more specific you are about your health situation, the easier it is to provide you an informed estimate for helping you accomplish your health objectives.

After the initial health consultation, as in any other service that offers expertise, experience and professionalism, you will be asked to pay for the consultant’s time when the service is provided.

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