Do you like improving your whole health all in one place?

Would you be
interested in prevention?

Our Solutions are unique natural solutions that are non-harming and effective.
We help you establish, maintain, and restore your whole health.

Try Holistic health Services by Dr. Shari and enjoy a healthy life forever.

Dr. Shari supports

Do You Want To Heal Yourself Naturally?

Dr. Shari supports you with effective Holistic Health Solutions to resolve root causes of health issues. We do not suppress the symptoms with chemicals.

Dr. Shari’s Holistic Health Service:


Iris eye reading or Iridiology


Are you tired of mainstream treatments? Do you want to resolve the root causes of your health problems instead of suppressing the symptoms? Are you interested in learning about your inherent diseases?

Detox Your Body Naturally

Are you struggling with constant fatigue, lack of memory? Do you know toxin accumulation in the body can damage the healthy cells of your body and lead to lack of energy?

Vitamin and Mineral Needs

What vitamin do you need? Are you struggling with vitamin absorption? Your Nutrition Assessment can be done by answering some questions on a questioner. Do you know vitamin deficiencies leads..

“One of My Best Decisions was to
Choose Holistic Health Care with Dr. Shari!”

Maintain your health now before it is late. Time is Money! The sooner you seek Natural Health Consultation
to maintain and improve your health, the better results you will get.

You might ask HOW we can help you!


Calf or foot cramp
Heartburn or acid reflux, Bloating within one hour after eating
* Nausea, car or motion sickness
Stomach upset by eating greasy foods
Airborne allergies, sinus congestion, Dairy sensitivity
Stools hard or difficult to pass
Suffering Bad Breath or Strong Body Odor

We help you resolve most above health issues all in one place. Transform your whole health with Dr. Shari’s Natural Health Consultation.

Here are some of our Natural Products that you might like to choose:


Why Choose Dr. shari’s


If you have HOPE, PATIENCE, and PERSISTENCE, Dr. Shari leads you through your whole health transformation journey.

You can create a happier, healthier and more peaceful life for yourself and YOUR family.

Are you looking for a personalized health care to prevent diseases?

Do you know that holistic health care approach is one of your best health care options? 

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    Iridiology or Iris eye reading reveals inherent weak organs, what organs are in greatest need of repair, where inflammation is located, High risk tissue areas in your body. Dr. Shari guides you to the solutions to avoid illness progression. Our goal is degenerative diseases prevention
    Toxins and Vitamin Deficiency
    Quantum Health Science is an excellent non-harming method to evaluate what toxins are accumulated in your body. we can discover what vitamins you might need to help your body repair itself. Detoxing and vitamin supplements both together complete each other. Maintain your health and revitalize it with Quantum health evaluation.
    Nutrition Deficiency
    Nutrition assessment is a whole health questioner to discover more details about your diet, what you eat. Dr. Shari finds out what you need to change to get you to your ultimate results of health and happiness over the years to come.
    Ozone Therapy Or Oxygen
    ozone therapy is method of increasing oxygen circulation to each cell of the body. More oxygen and nutrients to the cells will lead to repair and regeneration.
    Energy Balance, Yoga & Meditation
    Chakra Balancing yoga brings balance to the centers of energies that are located on the spine and nervous system. Balanced chakras lead to emotional health and helps to release anger, fear, resentment and replace it with peace, courage, love and happiness.



    Omar Brady

    Dr. Shari, has been taking care of me and I am delighted with her professionalism and vast knowledgeable about herbs and holistic remedies for my aches and discomforts. I look forward to continuing with her for many years to come!!!

    jasmine caldera

    Dr Shari was great. Took the time to get to know me to get to the root cause of symptoms. Super informative and very helpful. Would recommend for your holistic ways. Looking forward to learning more from her.

    shawntelle bivens

    I saw Dr. Shari for iridology and she was welcoming and both gentle and genuine about her approach to holistic health. She answered all of my questions and explained everything in depth. I also paid for my mother to come and she had a blast !! I highly recommend making your appointment. We will be coming back for sure

    Aurelia mora

    Dr. Shahrzad is very knowledgeable and cares about your health. So far, she's been on point with regard to my health concerns and solutions. Looking forward to learning more.

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