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 Learning how to face sadness and how to manage solutions is a skill that we need to learn. Honestly, every human being has experienced a sad moments in his/ her life. what is important is how we react to the sad situation. How we handle that sad moment so it does not become chronic . Chronic or elongate sad emotion can lead to depression.

To begin with, facing sadness or depression and finding solutions are our focus.  Depression is not a pleasant word. Nobody likes the stigma name of Depression. Statistics shows almost 50 percent of Americans  suffer from depression. In fact, we need to accept that depression is a chronic condition of sad emotion. When we do not pay attention or do not find a solution to sad emotion for a long time, it becomes a problem! when we do not know how to control sad emotion and how to get rid of it, sadness become chronic. 

Sometimes , we know that we are sad and need to find solutions to get rid of it. its great!   The problem is that we do not choose a good solution to face or control it. There are various solutions to choose and we need to teach the best of them. Actually, we need to teach our kids from kinder garden how to face and mange their emotion. Especially,  it is a skill that parents are responsible to teach kids as they develop to youth age.

Sadness Solutions and Yoga

It is obvious  when we lose something or miss somebody, we get sad. For example, getting a bad grade makes a child sad. Another example is when there is a divorce in a family and a child misses her mom or dad for a while, this will have effect on his emotion. In the mean time, when this  loss lasts too long , the sad emotion becomes chronic.

In any event, chronic  sad emotion that transfers to teenager age will lead to other emotional imbalance( anger, hatred) . Surely, chrnoic sad emotion eventually ends in mental issues. Additionally, teenage age is the age the person is more under influence of his/her friends. Gradually,  this imbalanced emotional issue continues during youth years.  Necessarily, the person has tendency to get rid of sad emotions and looking for a solution .In this case , when he/she is in contact  with a group of friends from school or socializing out of school, he/she will be introduced to various solutions to release sad emotion.

In fact, there are various solutions to face sad emotion to get back to its balance. One of the  solutions to face sadness is, trying to forget about it. Other ways  such as talking to friends or drug introduction could be a choice too. Moreover,  listening to music, going out for a walk, Exercise or going to gym, and even doing yoga are other choices too.  Finding solution to face sadness is a choice! In my opinion, doing yoga is one of the best solutions.  Teaching yoga to the kids not only bring balance to their physical body  but also it balances their emotional body too. In fact, Science has proved that regular yoga practice  helps to release emotional distress and sad emotion!

Certainly, l Either teaching yoga to the kids at school or emphasizing on relaxation and meditation helps to release sad emotion. For this purpose, following Chakra balanced yoga practice is a positive solution to face sad emotion. Surely, yoga resolves depression before it becomes chronic and dangerous. For example, yoga philosophy  teaches how to forgive and forget. As result, forgiveness becomes a habit so we do not hate anymore. we know that hate can hurt other! Forgiving and forgetting  whoever hurts us  helps to release negative emotion. 

Finally, teaching yoga and its positive philosophy  at schools can be one of the best solutions to prevent chronic sad emotion. To this end, yoga is a prevention solution to widespread depression in the modern world.  Why don't we start teaching yoga at schools so the kids do not hurt himself and  others when they grow up! 

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Blood Sugar and Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies can help to balance blood sugar. Carbohydrate metabolism disorder and blood sugar imbalance are related together. In order to balance the blood sugar, good choice of natural remedies and holistic health approach leads to rewarding results.

In fact, Blood sugar imbalance includes high or Low sugar density in blood. Imbalance blood sugar indications vary in each individual. Hypoglycemia, fatigue, irritability, shakiness, depression and headaches are some of the low blood sugar indications.You can almost predict the onset of some of the symptoms if you delay your meal or snacks. However, you could have nearly these symptoms to a lesser degrees at nearly any time of the day. As is so often the case, your adrenal was overstimulated by too much sugar, which meant your adrenal glands were overstressed as well. Natural remedies can heal the cause of blood sugar imbalance.A Doctor of naturopathy and her Holistic health approach can help you with Natural remedy choice.

Finally, Everybody's health condition is different and and a holistic health consultant will figure out which natural remedy suits you the best according your overall health condition. Contact Doctor of Naturopathy, Board Certified Holistic Health consultant today,

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Fatigue in the afternoon frustrates you, a naturopath help you find natural solution. Fatigue is a symptom of a chronic disease if its there everyday. Actually, finding natural solutions to fatigue helps you reenergize your body and mind again.  Finding Fatigue solutions prevents outcome of chronic diseases such as cancer.

natural solutions

Find natural solutions to reduce your regular fatigue before being late. There are no side effects for natural solutions. Natural remedies are more effective when we act as soon as we can.

Holistic health consultation is about guiding you to natural solutions to reduce fatigue in the evening and reenergize your body and mind for more info.

Improve Memory in a Natural Way

Improving Memory in a Natural Way can be easy when we learn how!

We are here to learn how to improve our memory. Improving memory is important to be able to handle our daily activities and meet our job responsibility. We know that the memory can decline due to aging, stress, malnutrition, intoxication and finally it depends on our lifestyle.


Naturopathy has the power to improve memory!

 In order to prevent and even reverse memory deterioration  - we must address the underlying physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Although a bit surprising, to those never taught this concept, most diseases stem from nervous system imbalances caused by poor diet, environmental toxins and lifestyle habits. Follow our next publish , we will explain each factor in details !

Herbal Remedy Benefits


Herbal Plant Remedies:

Are you curious about the natural healing powers of plants to curb stress, improve your immune system, enhance your mind, and generally enjoy good health?

We’ve been blessed at Shift to learn from some amazing plant medicine masters in recent years who have opened up the secrets of the natural pharmacy all around us.

There is a fascinating approach to plant medicine — rooted in ancient Ayurvedic Herbology — that holds the promise of dialing in exactly the right herbal protocols for you.

If you want to optimize your health and discover a way to fine-tune your use of herbs, join me for Discover the Power of Celestial Plant Medicine: How to use Herbalism, Essential Oils, Happiness & Spiritual Growth.

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During this fascinating online workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a home pharmacy using local, medicinal plants — mapped to the stars and their associated divinities
  • How your mental clarity, emotional wellbeing, and physiology are linked to different medicinal herbs, aromatics, and astrological wisdom
  • How different illnesses, imbalances, and health issues are connected to your life challenges
  • How applying specific essential oils  can heighten your awareness and connection with the Divine, accentuated by complementary archetypes found in the stars

In the ancient Ayurveda wisdom tradition, medicinal plants were classified according to the Sun, Moon, and planets… and how they are aspected can have a big effect on your constitution and physical challenges.

You won’t want to miss your chance to let the natural healer  guide you to your next level of health, vitality, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing, through this pioneering synthesis for holistic healing.

This free event will expand your awareness about all the different and surprising dimensions at play in your health.

We’re blessed these days with access to a myriad of alternative healing approaches — including some that are actually thousands of years old — to help us optimize our physical and emotional wellbeing.

One of the most ancient, venerated and practical is reflexology.

This healing art, which blends a kind of energy science with ancient NATURAL medicine, offers quick, simple “point prescriptions” for easing all kinds of imbalances in the body — from anxiety to digestion issues to emotional blocks.

For women, for example, there are specific “reflex” points in the hands and feet that, when pressure and the right type of massage are applied, can help balance hormones and even ease monthly cramps, headaches, hot flashes, and insomnia.

Reflexology has helped thousands unblock and harmonize their vital life force energy through reflexology to ease and help heal all kinds of physical and emotional imbalances — from migraines to chronic illnesses.

we can help you harmonize your qi (life force energy) and take charge of your health for greater vitality, joy, and wellbeing.

foot massage

Try Reflexology to:

  •  help your overall health, sleep, and energy
  • Fight weight gain and fatigue 
  •  support the primary health concerns of women before, during, and after menopause
  •  slow down the effects of aging and stay young

Iridiology and Holistic Health

What is Iridiology?

Iridiology is  reading of eyes . Iridiologist looks at the Eyes iris ( color part of the eye) and will tell you what is going on inside your body. Iridiology is a skill that only a few Natural health practitioners are able to analyze  it correctly.

Eye Iris Reading

What is the relationship of Iridiology and Holistic Health?

Natural Health Practitioners engaged in holistic healing take into consideration the whole person. They don’t just treat disease; they treat people. It says you are just more than a body within which may be residing a disease. We create disease by breaking down our natural defenses through the way we eat, drink, live, think and live. There is a saying that all disease can be cured , but not all people. The emphasis must be on the person not on the disease. Iris analysis belongs to with holistic health care. Iridiologist is a holistic thinker when it comes to consideration of health. The eye is the light of the body.  And to the degree that the iris is healthy, whole, single, pure , and perfect , the health of the body will be too.

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