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Acupressure and Feet Reflexology Service:

 Reflexology or feet massage serves as unique tool to heal physical body, reduce pain, increase circulation. The stress of injury, stress of life call can be helped by applying reflexology techniques. Reflexology or feet massage offers us the opportunity to produce a beneficial response on other parts of the body. There are various reflex areas on feet that are correspondent to different body parts. For example pressure applied to the ball of feet, the heart reflex area, triggers a revival response. Reflexology techniques provide stimulus to pressure sensors of the hands and feet, promoting a reflexive response throughout the body, including internal organs. A reflex effects occurs as the body automatically and unconsciously resets its stress mechanism.

Reflexology work affects the body in three main ways, a general relaxation response, a specific reflex effect, and rejuvenation of the hands and feet. Reflexology promotes a general relaxation response in the whole body. It is stress reducer in the nervous system, promoting beneficial effects on the whole body.

Reflexologists use zones and maps to locate an area on the hand or feet that corresponds to a specific part of the body, in order to focus work on areas of localized stress. Referral areas link one limb or joint of the body to another through the zones . Referral areas are utilized to block pain and speed recovery of other injuries to the limb and joints.

Reflexology ‘s capacity for relieving stress has been clinically proven. Stress is associated with the incidence of some 80 percent of ill health, including chronic degenerative diseases. Reflexology helps us toward a healthier life. stress is a part of life for most people and to some degree it can be stimulating and enjoyable. However, when stress levels rise too high and not be alleviated, problems can set in. Clinical studies show that reflexology and classical music both increase alpha frequencies in brain waves associated with relaxation.

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Reflexology can dissipate the stress of everyday life in a healthy way by resolving or interrupting it, thus reflexology resets the body’s stress mechanism. Once this is achieved, reflexology then helps to make repairs and move the recipient toward a state of well-being, with the knowledge of how to attain an improved quality of life.


Reflexology can play a valuable part toward achieving a healthy life by helping the body to make the best use of nutrients and stimulating the lymphatic system so that the body expels toxins. However, an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet will make it harder to benefit from its good effects. Book it today.

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