Health Coaching

Health coaching is an art . Combination of Art and knowledge together creates a prefect results. Dr. Shahrzad Nasrabadi, board certified Holistic health Consultant and health coach. She has been  presenting  health lecture classes at colleges and  she is open to the Orange County community to present  lectures and hold workshops in health and diseases prevention topics .

Dr. Nasrabadi , Naturopath and experienced yoga therapist has vast experience in teaching at NIH( National Institute of Health) . She has already presented several health educational workshops at  Santa Ana community college. Some of her health workshops includes  Cancer prevention , Body Detoxification  and weight loss, Improve memory ,…

If there is an interest to hold health and wellness workshops either at your office or school to your employees and  students , feel free to  contact Dr. Nasrabadi. 949-500-2984

Educational Lectures

In-office educational lectures are designed to provide employees with an overview of the most common chronic health conditions and lifestyle change in today’s society. We can discuss the ROOT causes of chronic diseases, , and alternative medicine choices, Natural way of prevention, holistic health  approaches to help employees improve their physical and mental health. The healthier are the company’s human source , the more productive they will be for the company. Plan ahead and promote one of health workshops for your employees today!

Company, Group, Organization Lectures

Life coaching helps your employee to stay healthy and happy. Promoting your employee’s health lowers company’s Insurance costs. The less you employees get sick , the more productive they will be for your company. We teach people how to improve their lives! Actually, Doctor of Naturopathy can guide your employees how to change the lifestyle in healthy way. Dr. Nasrabadi is a sought after lecturer on a variety of  natural health related topics. She may provide you a list of most commonly lectured topics( Diest, Exercise, Chronic diseases prevention, Stress relief, …  at your request. If you need more information, Feel free  to email;

Call  949-500-2984