Copper Toxicity and Premenstrual Syndrome

Copper Toxicity and PMS Relationship

Do you know copper toxicity is one of the causes of premenstrual syndrome in women? The premenstrual syndrome often occurs a few days before the period starts. Some of the PMS symptoms are mood swing, depression, anxiety, fatigue,...In fact, there is a relationship between copper imbalance and women's reproductive function. Especially, premenstrual syndrome is related to copper toxicy when estrogen metabolism is high and excess copper is present in the body. 

Actually, excess copper or Copper toxicity is copper accumulation in the body that comes from different intake sources. For example, the body's copper accumulation can come from drinking tap water from copper pipes, eating high copper foods such as dark chocolates, yeast, organ meats,... Some medical causes such as Intra-uterine Device( IUD), Birth control pills or patches, a steroid hormone, other medical drugs that impair the liver ability to detox could lead to copper toxicity in a long run. similarly, be aware that some vitamin pills contain too much copper, especially prenatal vitamins are often the worst.

Copper detox for PMS


In fact, excess copper produces different symptoms depending on where it accumulates. At this point, Copper accumulation may occur in the liver first. Then, brain and female reproductive organ show the signs. After all in joints and elsewhere we notice copper toxicity symptoms. As a consequence, Copper toxicity weakens the adrenal glands and that is why we feel fatigue, depressed one week before period and we call it PMS syndrome. Additionally, we need to be aware that excess copper acts as an inflammatory agent and could lead to thyroid and liver disorder. Excess estrogen can cause body copper retention ( absorb and hold). Since the thyroid is extremely sensitive to copper, therefore, most of the thyroid difficulties come from copper toxicity. 

Finally, Copper detoxification is necessary when we notice some of the PMS symptoms such as irritability( troubled inside but calm outside), chronic fatigue and nausea once a week before period. Since we know that Copper is a metal, natural metal detoxification is needed. Fortunately, Naturopathy has a natural solution to detox extra copper from the body. Especially, Copper detoxification should be done under a doctor's supervise since it could lead to a healing crisis when we start it. Doctor of Naturopathy can guide you through copper detoxification to balance your hormones and resolve the PMS issue. Once the women's hormone is in balance, the monthly cycle becomes regular automatically and PMS disappears gradually. If you have any question, Doctor of naturopathy, Shahrzad, at Newport Beach Ca, can help you with copper detoxification. click


What is Iridiology?

Iridiology is Iris eye reading. There is a science behind the concept of Iridiology. An iridologist who has studied and practiced iris eye reading can help you with iris eye reading. Actually, Iris eye reading can be applied at any age from kids to adults. Certainly, an iridologist can identify systems and organs in your body that may be inflamed, over-active or underactive. Obviously, if the inflamed organ does not get enough attention over time, the disease's symptoms are the signs of diseases. Again, Iridology reveals signs of inherent weak organs, glands and tissues. Iris eye reading gives an indication of your systemic strengths or weaknesses. ”

Iridiology or Iris Eye Reading

Iridology or iris reading is an extraordinary science of analyzing an individual's strength and weakness. Our inherent weakness even in childhood can lead to ailments. That is why iridology for the kids is one of the best healing prevention methods that we need to focus on. In other words, Iridology helps to determine tissue changes as they occur in the various parts of the body such as the Liver, pancreas, hear, Thyroids,... Indeed, Iris Eye reading gives us an opportunity of seeing any external or internal sign of organ change. As a result, the organs' tissue change guides us on what natural solutions works to a better state of health.

Reaching a better state of health is possible through iridology. Iridology has many advantages; the iridologist can determine the inherent structure and the working capacity of an organ without any punctuation or hurting the person. Especially, an iridologist can detect environmental strain, find out what organs of the body are intoxicated and needs more attention to detox. Truly, we can prevent cancer throughIridologyy. The sooner we find out the inflamed organs, the better, we can help the body to heal itself and prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer.

In short, regular iridology helps the iridologist to tell the client whether he/she is improving in health, or his condition is becoming worse. A true doctor must be a blessing to the client, not only for this moment but in years to come. In iridology science or a naturopathic doctor who has studied iridology knows a method of studying actual tissue change and will guide the client to heal himself/herself.

Consult with an iridologist today, Dr. Shari who is a naturopathic doctor and passionate about iridology can help you find the root causes of your health issues through Iris eye reading. If you have any question, contact her at